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Explore the fundamentals of drawing through observational skills and principles. Students will become familiar with drawing techniques in charcoal, pencil, pen, pastel, and ink. Using technical exercises and abstract thinking, students will develop their understanding of line, shape, proportion, value, and composition. This course is designed for students of all levels who wish to enhance their ability to draw.

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Fundementals of Drawing Structure

Starts from basic- Straight line- Curved Lines- Shapes- Proportions- Shading- Black & White- Understanding Colours- Shapes converting to figures- Dotted Lines- Step by Step- 3D Effects- Just like learning a Cycle- Gain confidence- Out of box thinking- Shapes Figures- Animals- Landscape- Objects- Daily Life- Move on to make your own art work


Develop techniques in contour drawing and watercolour application in this drawing and painting class. Explore landscapes, portraits, and narrative scenes in a variety of ways using watercolour pencils, ink and wash and painterly presentations.


Discover the process of painting and composition while having fun and producing quality work. Classes will include: painting demonstrations and one-on-one instruction as students paint during class to explore colour theory, still-life’s, value, composition and the history of painting.


Modelling clay is any of a group of malleable substances used in building and sculpting. The material compositions and production processes vary considerably. Learning to make shapes using clay will open the young minds to make shapes of fruits, vegetables etc. The hands-on experience can be applied to various levels of sculpture.


Many effects can be achieved by using mixed media. Everyday objects like plastic cups, newspapers, magazines etc can be used in conjunction with traditional artist media to attain a wide range of self-expression. Some children's picture books can also be used as mixed media illustrations


Learn the nuts and bolts of comic book creation: character design, page composition, pencilling, inking, lettering and screen tone. Explore various approaches from single-panel gags to full page construction. Polish your narrative skills as you tell stories and jokes on your own and with others. All students will take home copies of the class project: their own comic book.


Learn the basics of fashion design in this 2D class and develop your own unique style. This class includes working with the 12-head model, designing, sketching (using markers, watercolour, colour pencils and acrylics) and creating presentation boards.


Learn how to turn your drawings into fun and engaging images that communicate a mood, a feeling, an idea or a concept. Explore drawing, visual communication and image making through both short- and long-term projects. Experiment with different ways of problem solving using illustration examples as models for exploration and inspiration. Work in various media ranging from crayons, pencils and markers to pens, watercolours and acrylics.


Learn the grid technique that advertising muralists use to create gigantic wall murals. Discover how this simple grid process can help you create BIG pictures while learning how to explore and experiment with mixed mediums, surface texturing and different application techniques. You're going to get messy, so please wear old clothes.


At each meeting, a specific topic of artistic abstract thinking will be introduced emphasizing fundamental still-life drawing principles such as proportion, positive/ negative space and shape. Explore still-life ideas as they relate to ensemble, vignettes and still-life objects.


Draw your friends, your family, and yourself! Learn to see the basic proportions that we all have in common and the small details that make us all unique. Practice sighting techniques to help you capture a true likeness. Draw from reference and from observation. Classes will include demonstrations and several longer portraits with lots of individual instruction.


Life Study Drawing is the practice of drawing from a live model in different poses. Typically, this is done with real models and working from life (not photos).